Goal: Inspiring you to make time for what matters so you can P.R.O.S.P.E.R. on the way to creating just the legacy  you desire to live today.


1.Living My Legacy and Loving It Membership

Are you ready to take the pledge and receive FREE our  “Time for What Matters Tidbits”? They will illuminate your mind and ignite your desire to make time for what matters. Click Here To Find Out More.

2.Time For What Matters Prosperity Tele-seminars & Retreat

Enter an in depth process to evaluate your life from four pivotal perspectives identified in our book, Time for What Matters, so you create a life you love living. Utilizing our Prosperity Plan tool, which evaluates your spiritual, financial, physical and environmental status.  You will identify the legacy you’re living now by understanding what you’re giving priority to and how that is helping or hindering you from living in integrity.  This workshop, which includes setting goals for each of the 4 pillars of prosperity, will ensure your legacy is in alignment with your deepest values. This workshop is a prerequisite for entrance into the mastermind class designed to help you protect your time for what matters.

3.Living A Legacy and Loving It 

Living a Legacy is contingent upon a prosperous lifestyle,where there is a comfortable level of discretionary time and money. Yet as we prepare for retirement many of us are acutely aware of feeling “stressed and stretched”. We want to store up our resources and that means trading time for dollars, and time for what matters seems more and more like a pipe dream. While we define longevity as a lifestyle where “health plus wealth equals choices”, we see that definition as idealistic or attainable only by a few. How can we have more than enough money and plenty of time to enjoy it too? Click here to look at our videos.

4.Living a Legacy Story Hour (Radio and Library)

Join us as we share the stories of those lives that have touched us and left the imprint of their legacy on our lives. Here we will reference books, and interview others, whose lives mirror the contentment of making time for what matters and living their legacy now.

5.Time to PROSPER Mastermind Group

Bring your desires to create PROSPERITY and receive the support, grace and valuable input of up to 10 like-minded individuals who will affirm your desires weekly to help you turn your desires into committed action and ultimately into realization.

Ask us about our next Legacy Leadership Retreat, which is guided by Cynthia and her team and is open to entrepreneurs in transition “who, through a heart –centered spirituality based process, will identify what it is like to live their legacy now.”

Come…experience “full–fill-ment” and a deeper understanding that “you only take the love you make”.

Now Available For Purchase!
Now Available For Purchase!

Cynthia V. Mitchell, the author, has been recognized by national organizations such as NAFE, the National Association of Female Executives , regionally by such agencies as the South Florida Small Business Development Center, and locally as two-term President of Women's Network of Collier County.

Cynthia has a can-do personality with a tireless spirit of entrepreneurship and a positive attitude so necessary to navigate the financial landscape of these challenging times.  I fully endorse her as a mentor to those wanting to duplicate her success.  Allow this book to open the door to the many streams of income that could make the difference between a thriving retirement and just getting by.
Jack Mellor, Financial Planner
Mellor Agency