Lamplighter Legacy Foundation

If giving and receiving are endemic to a life of prosperity, finding ways to give and receive are essential and our Lamplighter Legacy Fund was born of that desire.

When I established my first counseling and wellness center, I was educated on the art of “proformas”.  Thanks to the finest resource manager, Richard (Dick) Herron.  He taught me how to think in terms of money in and money out.  He taught me how to project and attain financial success and how to duplicate that formula over and over again.

Lamplighter Legacy Fund takes its namesake from the line in a poem that I read while at the Avow Hospice when  I was keeping vigil for my father.  My dad was in the “lighting” business most of his life.   So it was with no surprise when I opened a book in the hospice chapel  that I found a reflection that read,  “The lamplighter has gone on to another room and how you know that he has, is by the light he has lit in the hearts of those he loved”.  Much like I had observed in the lives of the  cancer patients  with whom I worked, more than a decade ago, the disease of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s had taken his body and mind, yet his spirit of light would live on forever.

Lamplighter Legacy Fund is one vehicle through which our business gives back to caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and/or cancer.  We personally fund Lamplighter Legacy Fund 10% of all proceeds from the sales of our Time For What Matters Book and 5% of our total business gross income supports this fund.   We welcome the opportunity to speak with your organization to prosper the cause of healing through the challenges of caregiving.

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Now Available For Purchase!

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