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Living Your Legacy and Loving It

What’s the difference between Living a legacy and Leaving a legacy?

So glad you asked!  While most people want to leave a legacy, very few realize that living a legacy is not only possible but can potentially have a far greater impact.  Leaving a legacy is something you provide after you’re gone.   Living a legacy, on the other hand, is giving something of value while you’re still here and while your beneficiaries can enjoy your legacy with you.  The difference is profound .

I’m fortunate in that I grew up in a family that lived their legacies. Some of my fondest memories are times I spent in my maternal grandfather’s garden picking tomatoes.  He was so proud of his garden and as grandchildren, we learned so much in that garden, ways of being such as patience and respecting nature and ingenuity.  In that garden my grandfather lived his legacy well.

My paternal grandfather loved music and he played many instruments, especially the piano and the accordion.  Every Sunday, when we would visit with my father’s parents, my cousins and I would participate in a talent show that gave us joy and self-confidence.  Music was the gift my grandfather passed along as part of his legacy.

As to my grandmothers, they taught me how to cook, how to clean, how to manage a kitchen, and how to pray.  To this day I embrace their passion for a healthy home which applies to our food, our nutrition, and our environment.  (read more about the impact my grandmothers have had on my journey here- link to blog post)

I consider myself a woman of privilege, because I live in a home filled with love.  And that love moves me with a desire to live a legacy marked by having and making the time for what really matters.

What I know about living a legacy is that you clearly embrace those precious intangibles that can’t be left behind in a bank account or a box marked, “Open upon…”  When you’re no longer here, you can’t spend time teaching anyone how to cook, throw a baseball or laugh at the funny things that happen while traveling.   Living a legacy means you get to enjoy the life you’ve created and your loved ones get to enjoy it with you.  Leaving a legacy might look and sound fancier at an official gathering around a mahogany table but you can’t buy back time or memories.

Fulfillment, enjoyment, peace of mind, joy of heart;  these are some of the feelings experienced by those who Live their Legacy and Love It every day.  My mission is to ensure that more people understand that now is all we have so grasp your legacy with two hands and live it!  Don’t leave it all behind after you’re gone for others!

For some, the feelings of living a legacy lifestyle emerge from daily spiritual practices, others from physical exercise and still others experience this way of being because they feel financially secure. But for all who want to live their legacy each day, using time wisely is the key to success.

The discipline and desire to take time for what matters evolves as we gain insights as to who we are and  what really matters to us.  As we tailor-make our lives to reflect that intention, we are Living our Legacy.

Prosperity consciousness requires a mindfulness and attention to our priorities.  We invite you to join us in solidarity for each person who chooses what is “life”-giving, because it helps the next person and the next generation to do the same


If you’re ready to stop focusing on just making money and start living P.R.O.S.P.E.R.O.U.S.L.Y,

we invite you to take the P.R.O.S.P.E.R. pledge and

 be one of our ambassadors for “living our legacy and loving it”


By taking this pledge, you will affect a movement that will:

  • Encourage others to live a life that has significance now, not just after they’re gone.
  • Create strong communities through family relationships by consistent interaction and engagement.
  • Strengthen multi-generational bonds so that your children and grandchildren benefit from your wisdom and life experience.


Being the first-born daughter in an Italian-American home, care comes naturally but caretaking of others is not me “living” my legacy. According to Carl Jung’s archetypes, I’m naturally inclined toward the mother archetype, so nurturing others comes easily – yet that is not me living “MY” legacy.

My businesses, counseling , spiritual insight work, wedding planning and officiating, and wellness lifestyle, all have at the heart of them  the Spirit of helping others, and that has been very fulfilling. It’s no surprise that my signature song is “Make Someone Happy”.   Yet as I create the life I choose to live, I realize more and more that living my legacy includes ME caring for myself first which then gives me the energy to care for others   When I take time for what matters to me, I can create a living legacy that encourages others to do the same.

So many people are living lives of quiet desperation, feeling guilty or frustrated about the choices they have made, which takes them away from time with those they love or from doing things that really matter.

How do we discover our legacy so we can enjoy all there is before us?  What would it mean to you to stop planning on leaving and start living your legacy NOW?

2 Responses to Join the Movement

  • Cynthia – you are so spot on with this message and your dedication to ensuring that people really DO “take time for what matters” is uplifting and inspiring. Working with you has encouraged me to remember that no one really does ever say, “I wish I would have spent more time at the office/on my career” etc in their final moments. Thank you for reminding me that I should be taking time for what matters a little bit EVERY day, not just on the big stuff/major vacations etc. Keep spreading the word so more people can LIVE their legacy and not just LEAVE one.

    • Dear Jane,
      I just spotted this reply to one of my blog articles.I am honored to be recognized by you jane as you are such a talented writer.Thankyou for your support and your energy.

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