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cbc6Cynthia V. Mitchell, acknowledged as The Time Gifter, is a  professional speaker, author, and successful business owner. She is passionate about helping women embrace the power and preciousness of each day so that they can love themselves, love others, and actively “live their legacy”.
A business owner for more than three decades, Cynthia experienced a personal, pivotal moment while she was the owner of several counseling centers that provided health and wellness services.

cbc5Always a champion of living life to the fullest, it was during a keynote speaking presentation for cancer patients, that Cynthia’s newest business was birthed.
In spending individual time with the conference attendees, she noticed they all had a common theme: each expressed how they wished they would have taken more time for what really mattered. Later, as she spent extended time with her first and most important mentor, her father, during his challenge with Alzheimer’s Disease and eventual transition, she knew that spreading the message of taking time to do what matters was her mission.

cbc02Cynthia knows first-hand that financial freedom provides women with more opportunities to utilize their time in ways that are important to them.  She helps women create a life-work strategy that will enable them to live the legacy and lifestyle they desire, so what matters most can actually be done. She teaches women the power of being reflective and enjoying the stillness to discover their inner strength and beauty, which allows them to nurture and care for themselves and others.
cbc8Cynthia’s audiences say she is perceptive, compassionate, and caring. They say that she provides them with inspiration and hope that it’s never too late to start doing what they love and live their legacy in way that’s important to them.

Through online webinars and events, Cynthia also teaches and mentors others how to create and maintain a prosperity plan that provides them with strategies they can integrate into their daily lives.
She is the founder of a non-profit company, Lamplighter Legacy that supports caregivers, and her forthcoming book, “Time For What Matters” will be released in 2013.

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Cynthia V. Mitchell, the author, has been recognized by national organizations such as NAFE, the National Association of Female Executives , regionally by such agencies as the South Florida Small Business Development Center, and locally as two-term President of Women's Network of Collier County.

Cynthia lives by the principles of Truth with heartfelt compassion and deep faith. She has taught me for twenty years that my mind either works for me or against me. You will be changed by reading her book and following her plan for success, joy and love – just as I have!
Rev. Dr. Ken Micah Murdock, Unity Minister
Former Dean of Unity Institute
Unity Village, Missouri